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This ZenWriter is simply wonderful!

The minimalist interface is just what I wanted; I have complex text processors if I need them. I liked, however, the thing that Ctrl-B, Ctrl-I, Ctrl-R,... -E etc. are working! even in the background, hidden, with no buttons or complicated toolbars; just the fullscreen, after a few seconds.

However, I would like this extended to justified paragraphs, indented paragraphs and other usefull text-editing functions. It's also great that we can customize the typing sounds!

Even more, and THIS IS WHAT I WOULD ALSO LIKE in the future versions, it would be nice to be able to export the texts as JPG, PDF etc., INCLUDING the background -- that is great that we can customize -- so that we can have a full impression of the text with the special, customized paper.

Anyway, wonderful piece!

Adrian , 20.03.2011, 12:43
Idea status: under consideration


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