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Find a button for 'print' and 'save'. I know you want it simple, and I LOVE it that way, but I do want to print what I write. I 'm sure its in there, but for a simple program, you should have a simple way of doing these things that are more obvious.

Brooke Highlander , 20.03.2011, 14:40
Response from the site administrator
Beenokle, 20.03.2011
ZenWriter saves you work automatically, you don't need to do that.
If you think that you lost your work then check “Unfiled Notes” folder in “Documents” menu :)

Printing functionality will be added in next update soon
Idea status: under consideration


Soraya, 10.03.2016, 19:53
I exited zenwriter accidentely and when I open it again over half my work was gone, it didn't save at all and I had been writing for hours. I wonder what happened? Any way to recover lost work? it was pretty devistating to me :( Any way at all to check if the work is really saved?

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